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Pilgrims from karnataka during a ritual in Hampi. Karnataka;

Pilgrims from Karnataka during a ritual in Hampi. Karnataka;

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A Pilgrim paying respect to two Jaïn Monks at the feet of the statue of Gomateshvara in the village of Shravanabelagola. Karnataka.

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Students going by the huge stone cart inside the Vittala temple in Hampi. In the background the path leading to the Hanuman temple. Karnataka



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A Brahmin doing a puja on the bank of the Tunggabhadra river in Hampi



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An Indian woman sitting in front of her Home in Badami. Cow Dungs are drying on the left, they 'll be used as fuel.

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A moslem couple just married came for a celebration alongside the Tungabhadra River. At the same time an Hindu is taking his ritual bath. On top of the hill, on the right of the couple, Hanuman temple.

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