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Little girls running in a street of Mamallapuram. Tamil Nadu.

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A rickshaw driver taking a rest on Rue Dumas in beautiful Pondicherry Pierre Benoît Dumas (1668 - 1745) was the French Governor General for Pondichéry and Réunion. Predecessor of La Bourdonnais on the Isles and Dupleix in the Indies, Dumas hailed from Southern France.

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The Kalakshetra school of dance in Madras, now known as Chennai. That school is commited to the revival of classicaldance and music. It offers complete courses under the tutorship of a guru in the Indian tradition of Gurukulam, where education is inseparable from other life experiences. It's a magical place set apart in a huge park outside of Madras. A very quiet place..

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