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Ayappas pilgrims in Sri Sailam.jpg

Ayappas pilgrims posing for me in Sri Sailam, Andhra Pradesh, on their way to Sabarimala (Kerala). They can be seen all over Southern India in december, january and february.

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Students in a lingaïte school of Sri Sailam.



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Some students in a Lingaïte school. This is shot inside the temple where they were studying.



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Anushka Shetty is a beautiful indian movie star I met on the shooting the movie "Astram", inside the Golkonda fortress, near Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh . She mostly acts in Telugu movie. You can listen to song of the movie here: click on song 2: You can even watch the movie here:

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I went with a group of indian tourists to visit all the sites around Sri sailam. This Nandi, Shiva's mount, was on top of a hill. Everybody going there was doing the same thin, I was wondering what it was. A lovely lady asked what they were doing, the answer came : "saying hello to god".

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Anushka Shetty is a beautiful indian movie star. She mostly acts in Telugu movie. A portrait taken on the set of her last movie in Hyderabad.


Ayappas pilgrims waiting for their train in the Tirupati train station. You can come across those pilgrims in Southern India from November to February. The pilgrimage takes place in Sabarimala, Kerala. What they carry on their head is called Irumudi, a holy bundle, they can't put it on the ground.

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A woman drying up her sari along the sacred Kaveri river in Omkareshwar. A lot of pilgrims flocked to this lovely little Madhya Pradesh town. This shot is actually taken when the Kaveri runs into another sacred river, the Narmada.

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