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Sri Maitresa Sharma was a 28 Years old Sadhu from Banauli, Bihar. When he died, his brother decided he would come to Sonepur to do the ceremonial and throw the body in the Gandak river on Kartik Purnima day, as a Sadhu can't be cremated.



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Students going by the huge stone cart inside the Vittala temple in Hampi. In the background the path leading to the Hanuman temple. Karnataka



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Baradu Natag, a Sadhu from Pashupatinath, Nepal, twisting a sacred cord in Pushkar during the Pushkar Mela.



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Rita Banerji. Calcutta. West Bengal

Rita Banerji is a writer and founder of the “50 Million Missing”organisation. I urge everybody to read her book: “Sex and Power”
In the background pictures of Raghu Rai.

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